mass-energy equivalence

mass-energy equivalence
ekvivalencija mase i energije

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  • Mass–energy equivalence — E=MC2 redirects here. For other uses, see E=MC2 (disambiguation). 4 meter tall sculpture of Einstein s 1905 E = mc2 formula at the 2006 Walk of Ideas, Berlin, Germany In physics, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the …   Wikipedia

  • mass-energy equivalence — noun (physics) the principle that a measured quantity of mass is equivalent (according to relativity theory) to a measured quantity of energy • Topics: ↑physics, ↑natural philosophy • Hypernyms: ↑principle, ↑rule * * * mass energy equivalence …   Useful english dictionary

  • mass-energy equivalence — /mæs ˌɛnədʒi iˈkwɪvələns/ (say mas .enuhjee ee kwivuhluhns) noun the theory that mass and energy are directly related; the total energy related to a mass equals the mass times the square of the speed of light in a vacuum, expressed as the… …  

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  • mass-energy equation — /mas en euhr jee/, Physics. the equation, E=mc2, formulated by Albert Einstein, expressing the equivalence between mass and energy, where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the velocity of light. [1940 45] * * * …   Universalium

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